About Corazon Concierge

in Santa Fe, NM

Chris and Cathy Stoia


1980 to be exact ... Chris and Cathy met in the production office for “The Verdict,” a film they were both working on at that time. 38 years later, their sense of friendship and devotion (which they learned from their parents), still is at their core. At that time, families lived together and even if they didn’t, the dynamic was very different. Cathy grew up in the same house her Mother was born in with her grandparents in tow ... so caring for the elderly has always been close to her heart. Chris had parents from very different European backgrounds. They met during World War II and created a bond and sense of commitment that was prevalent in their upbringing of Chris. Both Cathy and Chris have seen their parents grow old and the experience instilled in them the importance of their dignity and happiness in their later years. These life experiences helped inspire the start of Corazon.

Cathy and Chris Stoia

Corazon Concierge of Santa Fe