Corazon Concierge

All the care you want and need for your loved one – from the heart!


We are discreet, respectful, positive, reliable, prompt, empathetic, supportive and caring.

Cathy & Chris Stoia

Our Message/Gaining Perspective

We pay it forward to our seniors! Seniors have traveled further along life’s journey, and we have all benefitted from their sacrifices over the years. At Corazon, we value the insights and wisdom our clients offer, and our first priority is to listen to you!

Our Mission

Kindness, Trust, Independence, Reliability and Clear Communication

We pledge to treat you with kindness and communicate clearly so that you will be confident in our reliability and outstanding service. Our clients have shared that our approach has built incomparable trust in the care we provide. This makes the dream of staying independent for longer a reality!

Our Inspiration

We work daily in all aspects of our business to create a vibrant relationship with each person. When we achieve this, our sense of deep, personal satisfaction spurs us on to keep improving every moment with our clients. This is how we make a real difference in someone’s life!

We made the NM Safe Promise to keep our business and others safe. Now it’s your turn! Make the NM Safe Promise.

WEAR IT WELL. Use a face covering while in public.
KEEP MY DISTANCE. Stay six feet from others.
STAY HOME WHEN SICK. Take care of myself & protect others.
SUDS UP OFTEN. Wash my hands frequently & follow recommended hygiene practices.