Senior Citizens are top priority at

Corazon Concierge in Santa Fe, NM


During this challenging time for everyone, especially our most vulnerable New Mexicans, each of us at Corazon want you to know that we are here for you and your loved ones.

Don't let social distancing lead to isolation and loneliness....

We will get through this together

Whether you live in a retirement community, in assisted living or in your own home, whether your family is next door or a thousand miles away, there comes a time when you may need extra assistance with a variety of non-emergency services and transportation. And when that time comes, Corazon Concierge is there to address those needs with care and kindness, with all the dignity and respect, and efficiency you deserve. Our entire focus is to help you navigate the challenges you are facing, enabling you to maintain the dignity and independence you desire.

For all your non-emergency needs, please contact Corazon Corazon at 1-800-762-7058 or email

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We made the NM Safe Promise to keep our business and others safe. Now it’s your turn! Make the NM Safe Promise.

WEAR IT WELL. Use a face covering while in public.

KEEP MY DISTANCE. Stay six feet from others.

STAY HOME WHEN SICK. Take care of myself & protect others.

SUDS UP OFTEN. Wash my hands frequently & follow recommended hygiene practices.

BE IN THE KNOW. Participate in any COVID-19 training available at my workplace

Learn more at NM Safe Promise.


We build trust, We communicate clearly, We offer reliability in everything we do.

Corazon Concierge provides non-emergency medical support services to anyone facing a critical and challenging time of life. We understand that aging can cause helplessness and loneliness. Our goal is to enhance one's quality of life, help to foster independence and well-being, and most importantly to be kind and respectful to the senior citizens and the disabled in Santa Fe, NM and Albuquerque, NM. Please call 1-800-762-7058 or email to book a service or for more info.

Why Corazon?

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