AKA, Gordon Matthew Summer

Rocker, Bassist, Singer, Yoga Enthusiast, Dynamo

Sting recently wowed a New Mexico audience with a stellar, sold-out performance at Kit Carson Park in Taos. The audience was mesmerized by the strength and power of this ageless British rock star. He hit the rock-scene with his band The Police in the 80s and has been going non-stop ever since.

What keeps Sting so fit? According to an interview with Ganga White, Sting’s yoga instructor, the main things are yoga and healthy eating. Sting eats a mainly macrobiotic diet, which consists of lots of grains, and vegetables, avoiding processed foods that contain preservatives, as well as reducing the consumption of meat, dairy, and sugar.

Back in 1991 Sting and Trudie moved their family to Lake House farm, where they started to grow organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, rich in vitamins and free of chemical pesticides. This has enabled them to become almost self-sufficient, with a holistic approach as captured in the quote from Sting, “We’re kind of self-sufficient in food, which is nice… the way we treat our own bodies is by extension the way we treat the planet. What we eat, the way we treat animals—they’re all linked. It’s consciousness, again."

Read the entire interview to learn more about how to stay healthy and age beautifully.

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