Corazon Concierge & Violet Crown present Spotlight - Celebrating Seniors

Richard McCord

Santa Fe Spotlight

Founder, Santa Fe Reporter

“He took on every injustice, every silliness and lauded every tradition and cultural icon he came across, from the Roundhouse to the oldest house” in town.

Richard McCord founded the Santa Fe Reporter in 1973. The Reporter was a lens into the essence of Santa Fe - local news, culture, politics, arts and entertainment. Richard was the writer, editor and publisher of the paper. Truth, clarity along with his rescue dog, Ernie Pyle - was at the Reporter for 14 years.

The Reporter won 200 awards for excellence, 40 of which were on the national stage. His editorials took top honors from the New Mexico and Albuquerque Press Associations. He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society of Weekly Newspaper editors.

Richard has a deep and abiding love of Santa Fe. He was touched by the. Landscape, the People, the Skies. Richard McCord is more than a proud and accomplished citizen of Santa Fe…..he IS Santa Fe.

Richard McCord’s essence was captured by the Living Treasures Committee, as they valued his spirit and named him A Living Legend.

SPOTLIGHT not only remembers, but shines a light on those seniors who have made and continue to make an indelible contribution to the world. Their remarkable stories, as well as their will to live actively and courageously, should serve to exemplify that healthy, happy aging is possible.

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