The elegant Damma of Case Damme

Carrying on the tradition of 4 generations in the family farm and now, Agriturismo

What a thrill to be at the same lunch table with Nora. Her warmth and knowledge is beyond. She is 83 years young, teaches cooking with products direct from the farm. She is the heart of 4 generations on the farm.

Go into fields and greenhouses to collect fresh produce, learn how to cook traditional Sicilian dishes, pleasant conversation over a glass of Zibibbo and nibble along the cookies homemade. Rejoicing of the scents of the countryside, its colors and its sounds, crickets, birds ... this is the life of green Damma. Only nature and relax, kindness, desire to share our experience, our passions. But at the same time not forgetting that in the times we live in we need to have on hand the technology that helps us communicate and conveniences that help us relax. Case Damma is all this!

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