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Lisa Law

Santa Fe Spotlight

Photographer - Her Vision Inspires Us

Lisa Law is an American photographer and filmmaker best known for her photographic chronicles of the counterculture era. Law is also the author of the book and documentary film Flashing on the Sixties.

Her career as a photographer began in the early sixties. With a new Honeywell Pentax camera in hand and working as an assistant to a manager in the rock and roll industry, she began taking pictures. Over the past four decades her still, movie and video images chronicled the social and cultural changes in America, from her film documentary of that vibrant 60’s to her moving contemporary still photographs of the indigenous people of North, South and Central America as they struggle for sovereignty and survival.

Her documentary, Flashing on the Sixties - ‘A Tribal Document’, won 4 major awards at film festivals upon its release and it has been enjoyed by millions of viewers on Cinemax, The Discovery Channel, PBS and home video. Her film documentation of “Woodstock” has been used in more than 25 news and documentary honoring the many anniversaries of this event, at which she spent most of her time feeding over 200,000 people at The Hog Farm.

Lisa’s perspective is rare and unique. Lisa lives in Santa Fe and her dream is to help create The Museum of the Sixties in Santa Fe. Many of her photographs are on exhibit at the Smithsonian, the Museum of History and Culture of Yelapa, Mexico. In Santa Fe, at the Edition One Gallery, Nathalie, Cuchara de Inca and Tomasita's.

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