Corazon Concierge & Violet Crown present Spotlight - Celebrating Seniors

Kitty Ault

Santa Fe Spotlight

Style Consultant / KAStyle

Born in New York City

Kitty’s passion is to make life simpler. She strives to build confidence in her clients and empowers the way you shop, dress, design your space and create the “new YOU.”

KAStyle started in response to a need for assistance and services for busy professionals, people on the go, moving and life changing events. Santa Fe seemed to be the perfect place as many people are transitioning into re-inventing themselves. Kitty is an expert Stylist, organizer, problem solver… with creative ways to store, clear and coordinate personal/professional items, clothing and goods. Experience and talent makes KAStyle efficient and positive.

Photo by @gabriellamarksphoto

SPOTLIGHT not only remembers, but shines a light on those seniors who have made and continue to make an indelible contribution to the world. Their remarkable stories, as well as their will to live actively and courageously, should serve to exemplify that healthy, happy aging is possible.

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