Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Corazon Concierge in Santa Fe, NM

Mariah Johnson

Care Coordinator, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


CNA Responsibilities

Mariah Johnson has been with us since the beginning of Corazon and we are so proud to have her as our In-house Certified Nursing Assistant.

We can now offer expanded services of:

  • Taking vital signs - blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respiration signs
  • Physical support with daily exercise
  • Personal hygiene
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Assistance with physical difficulties i.e. getting out of bed, using the toilet, walking, standing and exercising (including PT).
  • Medication Management and Reminders
  • Appropriate Diet Supervision
  • Treatment Plans in accordance with Doctor and Nurses
  • Liaison between family members

Observations of clients, reporting any changes to their well being.

  • Obtaining a wide range of information from physicians, caregivers and nurses about patient condition, treatment plans, and suggested activities.
  • Measuring and recording food and liquid intake and urinary and fecal output and reporting changes to medical or nursing staff.
  • Recording vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiration rate as requested by staff.
  • Examining patients to detect issues requiring medical care, including open wounds, bruises or blood in urine.
  • Reminding patients to take medications and nutritional supplements.
  • Noting observations of patient behavior, including complaints, or physical symptoms to nurses.
  • Stay up to date on CNA training and facility policy and procedures

CNA Requirements:

  • State Certified Nursing Assistant Certification.
  • Current CPR (American Heart Association).
  • Nursing degree from a CNA program.
  • Ability to think and work independently and with direction, and communicate with staff members

Phone: 1-800-762-7058

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